Course curriculum

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    German Cockroach Control Course NON CEU

    • Our No Spray Non-Disruptive Eco-Friendly Residential German Cockroach Control Service Protocol SOP

    • German Cockroach Biology Why Our SOP's Were Created

    • German Cockroach Quiz

    • Live DEMO Performing a German Roach Service

    • NEW Control Solutions Precise Delivery System Doxem Dry Flowable Dust Bait For German Roach Control Replaces Avert Dry Floable

    • Finding German Roach Evidence of Nesting Sites The Right Amount Of Roach Bait In The Right Place

    • Vacuuming German cockroaches and air to reduce pesticide use for cockroach clean out.

    • PGA German Roach Infestation On Places Missed During Initial Inspection_ Grain Weevils In The Pantry

    • Don't Forget About Inspecting & Treating The Dining Room Set For German Roaches With Roach Gel Bait

    • PGA I challenge you to prove me wrong on our German Roach Control Protocols Wait I dare you.

    • Ground Dog Food VS Monitor Traps With Intice 10 For Attracting and Trapping German Cockroaches